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Tired of feeling unwell? Frustrated by the short-comings of conventional health-care? Know that something’s wrong, just not quite sure what? Kinesiology can help. Give Richard Lee a call for more information on 07712 628 090 or call into our salon in Beighton.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology was originally developed by an American chiropractor called George Goodheart. He found that by testing muscle response before and after he made chiropractic corrections he achieved better results for his patients. As time progressed he was able to make a connection between various muscles and acupuncture meridians. By testing these muscles the kinesiologist can get a picture of what is happening in your meridian system and how this may be affecting you. Muscle responses from a series of gentle tests can reveal, for example, nutritional imbalances, toxic build up, postural misalignments, sensitivities and even negative thought patterns.
This can help with an array of issues and health problems including, aches and pains, emotions and stress, learning difficulties, digestive problems, skin complaints or future worries.

Training, qualifications and experience

Richard trained at Chesterfield College to attain an NVQ L3 in complementary therapies, where he graduated with a distinction at the top of his class. His qualification saw him trained to a very high degree in remedial massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology and anatomy and physiology. Following this, he acquired an NVQ L3 qualification in tradition champissage (Indian head massage) and has trained with the prestigious TASK, completing the ’balanced health’ foundation course, meridian tapping therapy, and attained practitioner status with a merit. He is also a member of the FHT, CNHC and is affiliated to ASK.
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How can kinesiology help me?

Kinesiology uses a range of gentle yet extremely powerful techniques. It also allows the kinesiologist to draw on other healing techniques and modalities and integrate them into the session where appropriate and indicated by the muscle response. Richard practices holistic kinesiology which focuses on bringing you back into balance structurally, nutritionally, energetically and emotionally. It is non-intrusive and very gentle using many different modalities, all of which leave the client feeling empowered, relaxed and revitalised. 
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Other therapies available:

Richard also offers:
  • Remedial massage
  • Aromatherapy massage 
  • Indian head massage
  • Reflexology (free foot massage included)
A wide variety of essential and carrier oils are available. These are mixed and prepared in the presence of every client, and tailored to individual needs.

For more information you can either contact us, call Richard directly on 07712 628 090, visit us at Lifestyle Centre, High Street, Beighton or read Richards listing on the Therapy Directory.
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To discuss your specific requirements in Beighton, you can call Richard directly on 07712 628 090

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